David F. Holmes

David founded the Insurance Asset Outsourcing Exchange to promote knowledge about insurance companies’ investment needs and use of third party investment managers. The Exchange enjoys broad support from insurance asset managers, insurance companies and insurance-focused investment consultants. David's day-to-day management of the Exchange gives him truly unique, granular insight on trends and developments in the Insurance GA asset outsourcing market.

From 1987 through 2002, David was Director of Research for Mercer Manager Advisory Services (formerly Eager & Associates), where he managed the firm's information platform. The firm's research focus included monitoring and projecting investment industry trends, client satisfaction studies, benchmarking, investment manager awareness and perception studies, product concept testing and positioning, and issue-focused custom research for specific investment manager clients.

David also served as Research Director for Mercer Investment Consulting's Global Investment Forum. At the Forum, David implemented a global research program that explored institutional investment trends and identified best practices in investment managers' client service and consultant relations efforts.

David holds a B.S. in Business and Economics and a M.S. in Economics from the University of Kentucky.