About Us


The Insurance Asset Outsourcing Exchange provides ongoing, factual information about the investment solutions insurance companies implement through third party investment managers.


The Exchange maintains objective, up-to-date research using periodic surveys of insurance companies, insurance-focused investment managers and investment consultants. We aggregate and analyze our proprietary data and share it back with participants on a quid pro quo basis.

To gain granular, insightful information on investment outsourcing trends, we launched and maintain the Insurance Asset Tracker database. Tracker compiles information about specific investment mandates that insurance companies outsource to third party managers. The database provides a "picture window view" of investment outsourcing solutions implemented each quarter throughout North America, Europe, APAC, Offshore and other regions.

Outsourcing activity captured in the database each quarter is aggregated and analyzed by business lines, company size, region, etc. The database does not collect or identify the outsourcing activities of specific insurance companies.

The Exchange is funded by a forward-thinking group of insurance-focused investment management firms and is managed by David Holmes, Partner at Eager, Davis & Holmes LLC.


Investment managers – Gain a constantly updated view of new investment mandates outsourced each quarter, high level and granular trends on outsourced investment solutions in each region, and trends specific to insurance company size and type.

Insurance companies – Learn how insurers of similar size and business lines are using external investment managers to implement investment solutions, and which investment management firms they are using. Exchange access is complimentary for insurance companies who participate in a brief anonymous survey once per year.

Insurance-focused investment consultants – Gain heightened awareness of most-used outsourcing solutions, trends and the investment managers serving insurance companies.