The Insurance Asset Outsourcing Exchange compiles information about third party insurance general  account investment management that is not available from any other source. The Exchange promotes fact-based decision making by gathering information from insurance companies and investment managers, aggregating and analyzing data, and sharing it with Exchange participants.
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Insurance Asset Tracker - Outsourced Mandate Database

Provides a clear understanding of insurance asset outsourcing practices/trends, the investment managers hired for specific types of mandates, and services used by insurance companies.

Insurance Asset Outsourcing Research

Helps investment managers understand insurance companies' investment needs; helps insurance companies understand peers’ investment and outsourcing practices.

Topics are addressed by popular demand and include insurance companies’ investment goals and strategies; insurance companies’ manager selection and evaluation practices; outsourcing practices and trends.

Information Exchange

Access current thought leadership.   Link to industry thought leaders’ white papers and articles addressing current investment issues facing insurance companies.

Generate effective RFPs/RFIs.   Learn best practices in generating RFPs and RFIs. Leverage RFP template for third party investment managers to generate your own RFPs/RFIs.

Contact investment managers and consultants.   Access insurance asset managers’ and consultants’ contact information and websites.